Daniel Sullivan

Feet of flame, Hair of fire!

Circles are my life.    


St. Johns Inter. CircusFest

September 25, 2020

Starting off the St. John's International CircusFest with a snap, crackle and pop! Be sure to register and bring a bottle to cheers with us!

5@Cirque is a concept by MICC, and is brought to you by En Piste - Regroupement national des arts du cirque and the #SJICF.


#SJCircusFest #SJICF2020 - Sept 25-27, 2020



Circus is My Life - Web Series

August 21, 2020

Circus is My Life is a web series, created by Daniel, that can be seen on his Instagram. In 15 weeks, 50 artists have been brought to this virtual stage to present a live show from their corner of the world. With each artist there is always a game to be played, and many laughs to be had. What an amazing season it's been! 

All episodes can be seen on Instagram.

parallel exit.jpg

"MOVE IT!" by Parallel Exit

August 17, 2020

Daniel has been featured in "MOVE IT", a web-series created by the outstanding company, "Parallel Exit". This episode takes a look at some phenomenal aerialists, and Daniel is honored to have been selected into this handful of performers. 

Check out "MOVE IT" here!


New Website Design!

August 17, 2020

A labor of love! Jesús García, Sara Sánchez and Daniel have worked together to create an entirely new look for this page. Sara has a masters in UX / UI web design and her work can be seen here. With the expertise of Sara, the artistic eye and precision of Jesus, and hours of hard work, Daniel is proud to present his fresh website. What do you think? Drop Daniel a line in the "Contact" section!